I have always been a lover of greeting cards! A couple of years ago, I was browsing the card aisles at Target, searching for the perfect card for a mama friend of mine, and I couldn’t find anything appropriate. 

I went home and started researching what was out there, and there wasn’t much. I literally created a “Note” on my iPhone and started brainstorming ideas. I figured maybe I would open an Etsy store or something eventually, but I was pretty busy with my boys and my photography business at the time.

Before long, I had over 50 greeting card & product ideas for moms in my little iPhone note, and I was becoming more consumed with this idea. 

Honest Mama was born in 2016, and what started out as an idea for greeting cards for moms has grown into a passion to connect, on a deeper level, with moms everywhere.

I want to get real and raw. I hope to make you smile, even in the toughest moments.

Thank you for joining me on this beautiful & crazy journey through motherhood!

Modern Connection Cards



I’m a huge nerd • I’m all about the organic, non-GMO stuff, but I might stop at the donut shop on my way home from yoga • I may have a crush on Joanna Gaines • I gave birth to both of my boys at home • My boys and I have dance parties almost daily (mostly for my own sanity) • I find doing the dishes to be therapeutic • I absolutely love to travel • My favorite places to hangout are local coffee shops and bookstores!

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