Bed Rant

Bed Rant

I (Giselle) started two different blog entries and they were shit after I went back and read them. I think I’ve been reading so many other blogs and everything looks so eloquently well written, put together and inspiring, that I thought I needed to make sure I was producing the same thing. Realistically, how many of us actually write and hit send…like literally vent it out and send it out for everyone to read, judge, pick apart, admire, like, etc.?? Probably not enough of us, right!? Everyone is still so wrapped up in being put together, presentable and admirable. Well, I admire the imperfect, the disheveled and the half-assed blogs that help me relate to real life. The blogs that show random letters and symbols mid blog (aosfhiu5208#@%HFA —-____+2GHt5peSj) because your little has taken your computer hostage while you try to take a minute to pee or grab more coffee…yeah that’s how it goes down in my casa.

This year was supposed to kick off with daily regimens and a list of intentions that I’ve set for my nice long year ahead. I’ve done fairly well considering my daily mantra just to survive the long days of child rearing. It’s real work and us Mamas tend to put ourselves last until we eventually lose our shit over what should be a normal morning routine that quickly becomes a scream fest in the car, followed by tears and HIT THE RESET BUTTON.

It all goes by too damn quickly and I, YOU, WE need to remember how precious these absurdly annoying days are with our littles. Too many mamas have buried their babies, lost a pregnancy, are missing their children and sleeping alone tonight. Some of us may always think that damn grass is greener on the other side, when really we are all just rocking our own shades of green. Cherish what you have, love it and squeeze those little babes as hard as you can.

So, once you’ve allowed yourself a moment of Mama clarity, think about what makes you happy. Like really, really happy, both emotionally and physically. We have to be loving to ourselves first if we want to be lovingly present to anyone else…our kids, partners, parents, friends, you get me. Personally, reflexology takes me to a whole new world, like that flying carpet scene from Aladdin…I’m flying high the minute my feet hit that hot water.  I walk out of that place like a new woman and go home in a better mood, ready to take on the next screaming child that meets me at the door, because God forbid I left them behind.

Another huge area for me is my relationship. If my Mr. and I are at odds, everything is off in our home. The kids feel it, he and I feel it, my body gets all screwed up, it’s just no bueno. So, up next is sex. I know this may be a delicate topic for some because once again, we all have our different shades of green. All I’m going mention on this is do what works for you, but DO IT regardless. Sex and intimacy is a major health benefit both physically and emotionally. It’s time we all start thinking of ourselves, and what better time to start than the beginning of the New Year. So whatever your intentions are for 2017, start with Love…the real, deep, penetrating 🙂 love. It will never fail you.

Stay tuned for our Facebook Live talk on Sex in Marriage this Saturday morning!

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