Honest Mama Connection Cards

Honest Mama Connection Cards

Chaos was in the air. Car doors were slamming. Kids were running and screaming. There were lines and confused looks and the sound of chitter-chatter in the halls. 

It was the 1st day of preschool.

Everyone was determined to be on time, with perfect hair and makeup. No one was wearing yoga pants yet.

I signed my son in, gave him a hug & kiss, and watched him walk into his new class.

A few moments later, as I was putting my other son back in the car, I noticed a mama in a nearby car struggling. She was juggling three little ones, including a new baby. 

It was one of those moments where I wanted to do something to help, but I was afraid to make things worse. In this day of independence and self-sufficiency as parents, it seems easy to offend someone when you offer to help. 

I looked for a piece of paper to write her a note, but couldn’t find anything in my car, except for a booklet of inappropriate parking tickets from Urban Outfitters that I still carried in my glove box.

So, at a loss, I rolled down my window and said “Hang in there, mama. You’re doing great.”

I saw her eyes fill with tears and I smiled at her. 

As I drove away, I felt ashamed for not doing more to help in that moment. I beat myself up for being afraid of what someone might think instead of going with my gut and just offering a helping hand.

My mind went to that book of parking tickets, and I thought to myself…what if there was something like that to pass out to moms to spread some hope and kindness? And I immediately got goosebumps. I knew this had to be an Honest Mama product.

Nine months later, we are so excited to officially announce the release of our Honest Mama Connection Cards!

Modern Connection Cards

Our Honest Mama Connection Cards are designed to be an extension of our passion to connect, encourage and inspire moms through humor, heart and honesty.

They are available in 2 sets: Classic & Modern. Each set comes with 14 custom sayings + 1 blank card for your own personal message.

Each set comes in a beautiful burlap pouch with muslin lining and a ribbon tie. The 3″ x 3″ cards are printed on beautiful textured card stock. 

We want to say a huge thank you to the ladies at Kraft and Jute, Melisa and Adele, for working with us to create a beautiful custom burlap pouch! And we are so grateful for our print consultant at Bold Images in Print, Jolie Ross, for working with us to make these perfect for you!

Brighten someone’s day by letting them know that you see them and they are kicking ass!

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