Cool Weather Blues

Cool Weather Blues

Morgan Ketza, a holistic mama of three & sarcasm queen, is on the blog today! She shares some natural cold remedies for kids to help you and your little ones fight back this cold season. This post could not be more timely. I (Jess) was just stuck at home with my oldest for a whole week after he caught something at school. With kids getting as many as 8-10 colds per year, we could all use some help boosting our little ones’ immune systems. Enjoy!

It’s back to school season, ladies! And it’s Fall! Hooray!

Some of us rejoice!
Some of us cry.
Some of us drink whiskey!
SOME OF US WATCH NETFLIX! (ahem, not me of course, I umm, fold laundry and scrub baseboards).

Then, after week one and two are complete, the cooler weather sets in, and our sweet, innocent babies come home ultra-whiney and act like micro-jerks. We sit and ponder what we could have possibly done in our past that could require such ungodly payback. Did we tape over Dora & Friends by accident? Did they realize mom ate the last of the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies? Shit! And then it happens. A river of sticky, green boogers ensues. Ah! A cold! Whew! The first germs of the back to school season have invaded their little bodies like Americans on the beaches of Normandy. You’re off the hook mom! But now, (cue your best Irish voice) we must care for the wee babes.

Sure, I could go to CVS and grab a butt-load of cold meds, hop up my kids on anti-inflammatories and call it a day. But I’m really not trying out for “Mom of the Year!” Plus, I’ve read some pretty nasty studies about children developing health problems which correlate with NSAIDs and yucky synthetic additives. So, instead, I tend to avoid that risk and go the natural route.

Like most mamas, I don’t like to see my sweet babies suffer. Although, they have been the light of my life, they’ve also been the bane of my existence for the past 5 years! Pass the hard cider! But really, I just want to comfort them and shorten the duration of the ickies. Botanicals and natural remedies have proven to do just that! In our family, we use a combination of natural remedies to support our bodies during this time I call “Hell Week(s)”. Here’s our game plan:

1. Elderberry Syrup is the first player in our immune support line up. Elderberries contain large amounts of Vitamins A, B & C. They are also high in antioxidants which boost our immune system and help our cells fight against free radical damage. There are even some pretty cool recipes out there to make your own, if you are super-duper hippie like that.

2. Next in the lineup is bone broth. No guys, we’re not a family of pale, bone sucking vampires! Although how fun would it be to wear velvet and satin all the time!? Hello it’s Vogue calling!  The stuff actually tastes pretty great! And it’s very good for you! I make homemade, mineral rich bone broth from the carcass of an organic, free range chicken. Muahaha. This just means that Dorothy the chicken and all her hippie hen friends get to do hot chicken yoga and sip on organic wheat grass while her Foster Farms counterparts, Alice and Penelope, party it up at the local crowded cage bar with creeper Bob the rooster, ingesting all kinds of nasty GMO corn based cocktails made with “the cheap vodka”. You know the stuff!

All jokes aside, bone broth is actually really amazing at supporting the body during a cold or the flu. It’s full of gut repairing collagen and has tons of calcium, magnesium and sulphur, all things that are absorbed and digested easily in this form, to help support your body while it heals.

3. We also see our amazing chiropractor a little bit more this time of year. He helps keep our nervous system functioning at 100%. He does this by removing nerve interference along the spine. The bones in the spine protect our powerhouse. If one of the lights (nerves) is pinched off, our other body systems could be jeopardized. Our nervous system directly affects our immune system function, too!

4. Finally, let’s talk about the amazing power of plants! I’m sure you’ve heard of the witchy, magic “snake oils” everyone is raving about. Well, they have good reason to rave! Essential oils have been scientifically proven to support the body’s many systems during times of need.

Our go-to helper for all back to school bugs is DōTERRA OnGuard which is a protective essential oil blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. This cleansing and warming blend supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses. Clove alone has more antioxidants than blueberries and carrots combined! In fact, one ounce of clove essential oil has the equivalent antioxidant power to 38 quarts of blueberries!

At home, we apply the OnGuard blend diluted topically and we diffuse it into our airspace with a cool mist diffuser (heat lowers the therapeutic benefits of EO’s). It smells like Christmas, too! But, more simply and importantly, we ingest this blend which works amazingly from the inside out!

*Keep in mind that it is extremely important to only use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils on our body’s largest organ (our skin!) and in our bodies, especially when we’re ingesting them. This ensures that we are putting something into our bodies that is free from harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Next, we use Peppermint and Lavender, who make up quite a beautiful marriage!

Lavender is “all things calming.” It’s great to help promote rest and can help to ease feelings of tension. Peppermint is a favorite in our home! Peppermint helps to cool the body and promotes clear breathing.

The star player in our immune support line up is Oregano essential oil. Oregano has been used for centuries to support healthy digestion, healthy respiratory function and has also been used as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent. We add lavender and oregano to fractionated coconut oil and apply it to the bottoms of our feet and along our spine, in a roller ball, 3-4 times daily when inundated with seasonal threats.

So, there ya have it! As you can see, we have a number of “helpers” for the first few weeks of school and into the cooler months, and just about any other time we feel a little under the weather, even emotionally. These health support aids make our sweet kiddo’s sick time a little less miserable and make our mom (thug) life a lot less hellish.

We moms have enough to deal with during back to school week(s); crying toddlers, moms who park in loading only areas, perfecting our “messy top knot” hair do’s, hiding behind play equipment in our cute, cool weather activewear, numerous games of mini-van dodge and an abundance of “pretty” finger paintings. “Oh another painting of mommy naked…how cute.”

Maybe next time your little perfect angel comes home acting like a booger spewing KIDZILLA, think about trying a few of these recommendations to help you stay sane and help your babies feel a whole lot better! Faster!


morganketza-headshotMorgan is a holistic mama of three, wife, oiler, professional smart ass, holistic health expert, activist, and Nutritional Therapist in training. She lives in Redlands, CA, where she hopes to enable other mamas to transition into living healthier, cleaner, toxin free lifestyles. Follow Morgan on Instagram or email her at: [email protected]

If you have questions about DōTERRA essential oils, or need help with protocols, please email Morgan or go directly to her DōTERRA website.

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    Thank you for the great info!! Shared the article on one of the Lean&Clean FB groups

    1. Jess

      Thank you so much, Lidiya! Really appreciate you taking the time to share it, as well 🙂 Hope you’re doing well! xo jess

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