Real Life Uses for Honest Mama Connection Cards

Real Life Uses for Honest Mama Connection Cards

We’ve introduced you to the story behind our Connection Cards and what they are. But maybe you’re still wondering how you might use these bad boys day-to-day?

Let me give you some real life uses for the Honest Mama Connection Cards.

*Note: Mother’s names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Scenario #1

You’re in Target when your daughter sees the latest Frozen princess toy that lights up and blows bubbles and dances while singing “Let it Go.”

She has to have it.

You politely tell her no, but she starts screaming nonetheless.

You do everything in your power to get her to stop. No luck.

She continues to scream throughout the store, but you’re not about to go home without toilet paper & deodorant (oh and that adorable new bag you saw on your way in).

You’re now “that mom”.

Remember, it goes by fast…deep breaths.

Scenario #2

You’re in the grocery store, halfway through your shopping trip, when your son decides he needs a “lollipop.”

Right now.

You can’t even recall him ever having one before or how he learned the word “lollipop” when you’ve only ever called it a “sucker.”

You blame grandma.

You now feel like a celebrity, with all eyes on you. If only you could yell “cut” or find out you were being Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher.

But this is not reality TV. Just reality. And it’s one of those days.

You leave your basket full of groceries and walk out.

It’s never too early for wine.

Honest Mama Connection Cards

Scenario #3

You’re at Disneyland, waiting in line for 2 hours to ride f*cking Dumbo.

Overstimulation, no naps, and crap food are a bad combination no matter how angelic your children are.

Needless to say, your girls are not listening to a word you say.

They try climbing over the chain, they bounce off of strangers (most of whom clearly aren’t amused), you even threaten to leave.

But somehow they know you would never do that after the obscene amount of money you’ve invested in this day.

You’re in it for the long haul.

You got this, mama!

Honest Mama Connection Cards

Scenario #4

You’re sitting in Chili’s when your exhausted toddler starts screaming bloody murder.

You quietly threaten to take him outside if he doesn’t stop. After all, this always worked on you when your parents did it.

But he one-ups you, screaming “Don’t hit me again!”

When have you ever hit him?!

Out of fear of one of your restaurant patrons calling CPS, you put on your best mother-of-the-year performance.

Don’t worry…your toddler doesn’t hate you 🙂

Maybe you used to secretly judge these people. Or say crazy shit like “my kid will never act like that in a restaurant.”

Then, you had kids.

Now your heart goes out to those mamas that are struggling.

You now understand that there’s no controlling these little people.

They can be covering you in kisses one minute, melting your heart, and then screaming “I don’t love you anymore!” the next.

So, the next time you see a mom kicking ass and you want to let her know.

Or you see a mom on the verge of tears and you wish you could give her a hug.

Give her an Honest Mama Connection Card (and maybe a hug, too)!

Classic Connection Cards

Our Honest Mama Connection Cards are designed to be an extension of our passion to connect, encourage and inspire moms through humor, heart and honesty.

Our Connection Cards are currently available in 2 sets: Classic & Modern. Each set comes with 14 custom sayings + 1 blank card for your own personal message.

Both sets come in a beautiful burlap pouch with muslin lining and ribbon tie. The 3″ x 3″ cards are printed on beautiful textured card stock. Carry them in your purse or keep them in your car. 

Brighten someone’s day by letting them know that you see them and they are kicking ass!

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