Small Business Spotlight // Elliott Essentials

Small Business Spotlight // Elliott Essentials

Welcome to our December edition of Small Business Spotlight, where every month we feature a small business that we honestly love.

For all of you photographers out there (professional & amateur alike), we are so excited to feature Elliott Essentials this month!

Nicole Elliott is the founder of Studio Elliott and Elliott Essentials. She is a busy mama of 4 little girls, and one of the most talented photographers and entrepreneurs I know.

The Elliott Essentials Camera Strap is the first product in the Elliott Essentials line of camera accessories designed with comfort, function, and style in mind. It was created out of a desire to solve all the annoying little dilemmas Nicole had encountered in the last 19 years of being strapped to a camera. 

And now she’s created the perfect all in one, interchangeable, sleek and functional camera strap that brings the joy, ease and comfort back into photography 🙂

When I received mine, I was immediately impressed with the packaging! It came in a branded envelope, and came packaged in this super cute canvas bag!

I had the opportunity to use it at a shoot last weekend, and I loved all of the little things she thought of: a pouch for your lens cap, a zippered section for extra memory cards…even a separate pouch for my phone, keys and a water bottle! It was so much easier than carrying my usual camera bag or ShootSac!

You can see it in action here:

When asked why she’s passionate about what she does, Nicole responded:

I am a mother, a wife and a wild dreamer. As a 4th generation entrepreneur, I come from a long line of dreamer women who had one goal in mind… to dare to push beyond their own limitations and make something amazing with what little they had. In doing so, they would leave a legacy that would empower the next generations to do the same.

As a daughter of an immigrant mother who taught me the value of hard work and the belief that with God all things are possible, I have a burning desire to equip, encourage and empower other women to do the same. I don’t just want to create products – I want to create a belief system that gives voice to the undeniable hope inside each one of us. A God given hope that fuels us to change, create and move.

Through my story and through the hope and grace of Jesus, I want to inspire women to dare to believe in greatness and challenge them to take the steps beyond their limitations and into the reality of their dreams. My heart has always been to Encourage others to push beyond their barriers, to Equip them with practical tools and Empower them to believe in greatness. 

It’s through that desire that Studio Elliott {Encourage . Equip . Empower} was born – creating products and content that help you capture the world around you. 

Beauty is all around us, in the every day moments of life, the beautiful people that surround us, the raw un-edited wonder of this earth and the big beautiful moments that take our breath away.  No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or a mom with a camera, it’s time we put down our smart phones – pic up our cameras and put passion and heart back into the images that will one day bring tears to our eyes, make us laugh out loud and bring memories flooding back into our hearts. It’s this mission that brings all photographers together and unites us in one vision – to photograph this beautiful world around us well.

Please join me on Facebook for a Live video showcasing the Elliott Essentials Camera Strap on Monday, December 11th!

In the meantime, enjoy a special gift below from Elliott Essentials 🙂

*A portion of every Purchase from Studio Elliott Essentials goes to the fight against Human Trafficking.

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