Small Business Spotlight // Girls Got Goalz

Small Business Spotlight // Girls Got Goalz

Welcome to our October edition of Small Business Spotlight, where every month we feature a small business that we honestly love.

This month, we are so stoked to feature Girls Got Goalz 🙂

Girls Got Goalz was founded three years ago, when Adele began her fitness journey!

Their mission is about reaching down deep and getting yourself to your goals, whatever they may be – running a 5k, wearing your favorite bikini with confidence, becoming less self conscious, choosing healthy foods simply because you want to, and more.

It’s about you getting up every single day and working towards what YOU want for yourself.

And Adele is there to help motivate and inspire every step of the way with real life advice…no diets, gimmicks, or quick fixes! Just a little sweat + real food.

Adele has lost 45+ lbs and transformed her body with simple, enjoyable changes.

When I asked her to share about herself and WHY she started Girls Got Goalz, this is what she had to say:

I’m a go-getter encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle. One that allows you to do workouts you love, eat ice cream (or drink wine!), and still reach your goals. I know there are other girls out there doing the exact same thing! I wanted to create something for girls to share their goals and their successes.​

I love a good smoothie and asking “Did You Sweat Today?”

I’m passionate about what I do because when you take care of yourself, you feel good and you do good. And this life is too short to not feel good about yourself!

I absolutely LOVE what Adele is doing, and I’m so excited to share some awesome Girls Got Goalz recipes, workouts and products this month 🙂

If you want a good laugh, come watch me workout! Join me on Facebook for a Live video showcasing a fun, Fall BUMkin workout (in additon to some of her other products) on Monday, October 16th at 4pm (PST).

In the meantime, enjoy a special gift below from Adele 🙂

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