Small Business Spotlight // Momidarity

Small Business Spotlight // Momidarity

Over the holidays, we did a special post on the blog to highlight some of our favorite local businesses!

It was so much fun to connect with other business owners and help spread the love, so we decided we wanted to make this a regular part of the blog.

Welcome to our very first Small Business Spotlight post! Every month we will be featuring a small business that is synergistic with the mission & values of Honest Mama.

This month, we are so honored to feature Momidarity!

Momidarity provides online mom groups that get together once a week for an hour.  

You meet with the same moms each week (who can come from all over the country), and for an hour get a chance to talk about everything and anything you are going through as a mom.  

There are no kids to interrupt you, there is no commute, and often times there is wine and boob talk 🙂

Momidarity was founded by Jenny Hopf and her brother, Joe (pictured above).

Jenny has two kids (ages 3.5 and 1) and she also works as the Director of Online and Professional Education for a college just outside of Boston.

She says…

The idea for Momidarity really began about three years ago when I became a mother and learned first hand that being a mom is REALLY HARD! Almost immediately I understood how overwhelming, lonely and isolating it could be, but also how challenging it was to find time to ask questions and talk about what I was going through with other moms.  I have always been an avid supporter of mom groups and the solidarity and support they can provide.  There is power and solace in having a place to talk about our challenges as moms. But I found that traditional mom groups were really not very accessible to me as a busy mom who already had a lot on her plate.”

So, she created Momidarity in order to provide these amazing opportunities to meet and engage with other moms, but in an online environment, so moms could join groups from the comfort of their couch!

Giselle was able to join a recent call and shares about her experience…

Momidarity is amazing! A space for moms to feel free to express their experiences and all that defines Momlife! I was able to attend an evening where women shared on how to balance being a working mom. We laughed, shared emotions, maybe a few secrets, but we all felt accepted and supported. I felt honored to be embraced by women I’ve never met and I encourage all moms to give Momidarity a try.

Thank you, Jenny, for finding us on Instagram and taking the time to reach out! We are so grateful to have connected with you and absolutely love the amazing community you are creating!

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