What Are Connection Cards?

What Are Connection Cards?

Today, we wanted to take a moment to briefly answer the question, “What are Connection Cards?”

Honest Mama Connection Cards are 3″ x 3″ cards (similar to a square business card), personalized with the things we often want to say and need to hear.

Sometimes we desperately want to connect with the people we see in passing, a stranger, a mother, a friend, anyone in need of a reminder that IT’S GOING TO BE OK!! 

I’ve personally had countless situations where I wanted to engage, but didn’t know what to say, how it would be received, or if it was the right time.

These unique mini cards provide the ability to create a connection with someone on a level that allows for genuine & honest love, support and encouragement.

Classic Connection Cards

As a proud Mom to three girls, sometimes the raw emotions of motherhood can get a little intense.

I’ve been the Mom falling apart from a crazy morning, and I’ve witnessed the moms who are barely holding it together. Oh and the Moms that just shrug things off…you’re my idols!!
With the Connection Cards, we’ve simply created a bridge to connect, encourage and inspire that stranger you so closely relate to…
The mom who who encourages you to get up and try again!
The parent who needs a reminder that it goes by fast, to take a deep breath and soak it up.
The mom who rocks #momlife every single day with no complaint.
The new mom wondering why everyone told her becoming a mother would be the best gift, when she’s knee deep in postpartum depression.

The mom who has a sick kid at home & is just trying to make it from one day to the next.
The woman who feels alone and like nobody sees her…
We all desire to connect more with each other. And now we can with the Honest Mama Connection Cards!

Honest Mama Connection Cards are available in 2 sets: Classic & Modern. Each set comes with 14 custom sayings + 1 blank card for your own personal message.

Each set comes in a beautiful burlap pouch with muslin lining and a ribbon tie. The 3″ x 3″ cards are printed on beautiful textured card stock. 

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